How to farm with ETH and tBTC on Mooniswap

Liquitidy mining is one of the great powers DeFi users have and opportunities for tBTC are just starting. The first one is brought by Mooniswap and it’s returns are very intersting.

The first thing that you have to be aware of is that the expected return you will have when farming with ETH and tBTC. At the moment the only place to profit from farming tBTC is on Mooniswap.

As you can see, this option is displayed on 1inch EARN:

To profit from this opportunity you have to head to the AMM that 1inch has delevolep and start liquidity mining. Here you can see the post where the 1inch team explains how liquidity mining works and the rewards paid in 1INCH token.

If you understand the proposal from 1inch and own tBTC and ETH, then head to the following link to deposit your liquidity:

Then click on add liquidity:

Then add the ammount of ETH and tBTC that you want to contribute:

After adding the ammount you will have a summary of your position and you will be set to start earning 1INCH tokens :)

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