How to mint tBTC on Ethereum Ropsten Testsnet

Minting tBTC on Ethereum is key to access DeFi. In the following tutorial I will explain how to do it using Keep’s Network tBTC.

In this example I’m going to use Ropsten Ethereum Testnet because tBTC project has not already launched.

STEP 1: Get a Metamask Ethereum Address and some ropsten testnet ETH

Go to and download the Metamask browser extension and create your first Ethereum address.

Once you have your address just copy it for the next step. Remember to switch to Ropsten Testnet!

Then go to this Ropsten testnet Faucet and ask for Ropsten test ETH. You should see something like this:

STEP 2: setup a Bitcoin wallet and ask for testnet BTC

My reccommeded BTC wallet is Just access and create your account. Be very careful to store your PIN and seed phrase, if you lose them you won’t be able to access your account in the future.

Once your account is setup, switch to BTC testnet and copy your address:

Then get testnet BTC on the following faucets:

Kuttler (sends around 0,5BTC manually — it takes time but it’s worth it) (0,01BTC/hour) (0,01BTC every 5 minutes)

STEP 3: do the swap!

Go to the tBTC dapp and click deposit.

Then connect your Ropsten Metamask Address:

After correct connection with your Metamask Ropsten address you will see a green Connected display. Now click begin now!

After clicking you will be prompted with a Metamask window asking to sign the transaction. Keep in mind to adjust gas fee if you want to get it done faster.

After signing this first transaction, you will be asked to sign a very similar transaction. Just do it and you will get to the following screen:

Now go to your and send 0.01 testnet BTC to the address in blue (just click to copy it).

Once sent the trasaction, head to the tBTC dapp and you will see the confirming step:

To track the transaction you can check on block explorer. To access it go to your transactions and click view:

Once Keep detects the transaction, you will be asked to sign 2 Metamask transactions. The dapp screen will look like this (step 4/5):

And finally get to be the owner of BTC on Ropsten. Happy minting!

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