How to stake your Solana SOLS with Ledger — Easy and fast

In this tutorial we will explain you how to easily deposit your SOLS from an exchange to your Solana Ledger account and how to stake those SOLS. The process is easy and secure :)

If you first want to have great info about Solana wallets head to:

  1. Download Leger Live at:

2. Connect your Ledger to your computer and open Ledger Live.

3. Go to settings and enable developer mode (required to install Solana app):

4. Go to Ledger Live manager and install the Solana app:

Look for the Solana app in the catalog and install it:

Now you should see the app installed on your Ledger device:

Now click the solana app in your Ledger and get to the message “Application is ready”:

Now click the two buttons simultaneously to get into the app.

5. Head to to interact with your Ledger device. Solflare is a non-custodial web wallet built specifically for Solana. It supports basic transfers and staking operations with the Ledger device.

Have your Ledger connected and the Solana app opened and click on access:

Then select Ledger and Access:

Select the only option under derivation path (Solana — 44`/501`/):

After selecting the derivation path you will be asked to chose your device and connect:

In next step you will be asked to select your address:

The Ledger device can derive a large number of private keys and associated public addresses. This allows you to manage and interact with an arbitrary number of different accounts from the same device.

If you deposit funds to an address derived from your Ledger device, make sure to access the same address when using SolFlare to be able to access those funds. If you connect to the incorrect address, simply click Logout and re-connect with the correct address.

After clicking on one of the addresses and clicking access you will be asked to confirm the operation on your Ledger device:

Now you will be able to manage your solana account from the Solflare dashboard:

6. Select the network with which you want to operate in the top right hand corner:

7. Deposit SOL from another wallet or your preferred exchange. Copy your address by clicking the icon next to your wallet address. Before sending your total amount proceed with a little amount and make sure you get the funds.

8. Now create a stake account and deposit your desired amount of SOL. Please keep some SOL in your wallet address because it will be needed to pay fees.

Then follow the steps which are very easy and sign the creation of the staking account with your Ledger.

9. Delegate your tokens!

It will ask you to choose your validator. Choose Low Fee Validation if you want top level infra at low fees :)

Then you’ll have to sign your transaction on your Ledger wallet and you’ll be done!

If you have any question about delegating SOL just visit our discord and we will help you :)

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