How to Stake your Solana SOLS with Solflare wallet

In this guide we will explain you how to deposit your SOL from an exchange to your newly created wallet and how to stake them.

First of all, if you want high security and avoiding your keys being near your computer, get a Ledger device on Amazon and follow this guide on how to stake your SOL with Ledger.

If you feel ok operating with a web wallet, this guide is for you!

  1. Go to and click on create wallet. Then pass through the different alerts (please keep your keystore file and password save!) and click on next:

2. Set your password and download your Keystore file

3. Access your account with your password and Keystore. You will see something like this:

4. Copy your address (top left part) and deposit to that direction from your preferred exchange or ask your solana buddies to send you some SOLS :)

5. Now click on the staking part at the end of the page and just follow the steps to create your first staking account. Consider depositing the ammount of SOLS you want to stake. Please keep some SOL in your wallet address because it will be needed to pay fees.

6. Now you will see your staking account in your dashboard:

Just click Delegate now!

It will ask you to choose your validator. Choose Low Fee Validation if you want top level infra at low fees :)

Then you’ll have to sign your transaction on your Ledger wallet and you’ll be done!

If you have any question about delegating SOL just visit our discord and we will help you :)

For more info about our services please go to

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